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Web site of TA CR project Transaction costs incurred by Czech economic entities within insolvency proceedings and reduction of these costs to a level prevalent in the EU; improved statistics for the purposes of insolvency proceedings and definition of a financial fragility model.

About the project Insolvency Research

Transaction costs within insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic are significantly higher than in developed countries. While the project analyzes reasons behind this development, it also aims to define a set of legislative amendments that would result in a reduction of these costs. At the same time, the method of collecting insolvency data also needs changing. In order to improve social policy planning on the part of the state, a financial fragility model will be defined for families.

Aims of the project

The principal aim of the project is to reduce transaction costs associated with insolvency proceedings in the Czech Republic. As these costs are at least double compared to those incurred by entities in developed countries, this situation has a significant effect on the competitiveness of Czech economic entities.

The aims of the project therefore include:

  • An argument-supported summary of reasons for a review of the current insolvency law and insolvency system delivered in a form of legislative draft amendments; a series of conferences and seminars will be organized for professionals as well as for members of Parliament of the Czech Republic.
  • An argument-supported summary of reasons for changes in the statistical practice applied within insolvency that will be presented in a form of conferences and seminars for state bodies, most notably for the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic (MSp) and Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ), as well as for the professional public.
  • Public presentation of a financial fragility model that will provide for an effective prediction of household default rates based on the development of financial parameters.
  • Public presentation of implications that the application of the financial fragility model may have vis-à-vis the state social policy.

Luboš Smrčka's paper to be published in AMIS conference proceedings13.06.2012 Luboš Smrčka's paper "Changes of the Business recovery principle in modern Insolvency Law" has been selected for publishing in the proceedings of the 2012 AMIS conference, which will be held on 13 and 14 June in Bucharest. více


O projektu

Projekty TAČR s evidenčními čísly TD010093 a TD 010093 jsou řešeny mezinárodním vědeckým týmem, který je koordinován z Vysoké školy ekonomické v Praze. Oba projekty směřují k návrhům na legislativní změny a k vytvoření nových aplikací využitelných pro výzkum i praxi.